Strategic Foresight offers an answer to this dilemma

Strategic Foresight is a planning discipline made up of mindsets, approaches and frameworks designed to help organizations plan better in uncertain conditions. Organizations that use these approaches are better able to anticipate what might happen and be proactive in shaping their own future.

Join Us at the Foresight Sandbox

The foresight sandbox is Prescient’s flagship foresight training program. Taught several times each year, it introduces mid-to-senior level professionals to the mindsets, frameworks, and tools that futurists use to anticipate and shape the future of their organizations, communities and the world.

Participants who take the course learn personal skills that will serve them for a lifetime, and gain tools, mindsets, and frameworks to help them lead change at work. Join us to transform your own approach to thinking about change, andto become a change agent in your organization.

  • Develop a clear mental model of change and the future
  • Learn best practices for reducing tunnel vision and opening up alternative visions of the future
  • Generate alternative visions of the future
  • Move from fear to excitement about future change
  • Frameworks for identifying emerging change in the environment
  • Build a blueprint that your organization can use to develop future-facing strategies
  • Established and new approaches to organizational foresight

How the Foresight Sandbox is structured

The Foresight Sandbox is a two-day, training and learning experience for professionals who want to incorporate strategic foresight into their strategy toolkit.

We are currently running the course in virtual live mode only. The course is limited to twenty participants. We actively seek a diverse cohort of participants from industry, government and the non-profit sectors.

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We borrow our approach to executive foresight training from the tech world, in which companies need a safe place to ‘play around’ with developing software.

This safe place is called a sandbox. By testing new software in the sandbox, there is no risk to the existing systems. Once the software is bug-free, it is taken out of the sandbox and integrated into the real-time environment.

The course takes participants on a journey designed to transform their approach to understanding and dealing with change.


  • Unbuild outworn assumptions
  • Refresh foundational assumptions about future change
  • Learn to envision alternative futures and why this is critical to strategic decision making


  • Connect vision with action
  • Explore how to build strategic foresight capacity in organizational settings
  • Build scenarios of your future business environments

Course Benefits

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Course leadership

The Foresight Sandbox was developed and is led by Prescient CEO and Georgetown University professor,
Dr. Amy Zalman

Amy is the former Chief Executive Officer and President of the World Future Society, the world’s first and largest membership organization for futurists, and advocacy on behalf of future-critical issues.She was the first Department of Defense appointed Chair of Information Integration at the U.S. National War College in Washington

For the last two decades, Amy has worked with leaders and organizations to accelerate vanguard thinking and accelerated approaches to future change. Huffington Post called her one of the world’s seven top futurists in 2015, and she was cited in Forbes as one of the world’s 50 leading female futurists in 2020.

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