When you shift your assumptions about the future … and view signs of future change before your competitors …

…and grasp the effects of new business conditions … the results can be remarkably empowering.

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Plan for Long Term Success

The right futurist keynote speaker can prime executives to  plan for an uncertain future environment with greater confidence.

Renaissance Executive Forums are confidential peer groups for business owners, CEOs and Presidents who lead small to midsize companies in the Washington, DC area. To celebrate their 15th successful year in business, CEO Lee Self sought to bring in a futurist keynote speaker who could help executives envision a growth path …

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Renaissance Executive Forums CEO, Lee Self
Lee Self, CEO of Renaissance Executive Forums

Breakthrough Marketing Strategy

The biotechnology start-up had everything going for it: A brilliant, dedicated team of scientists and technologists, an excellent reputation, strong clinical trial results, plenty of cash in the bank and a solid grasp of their competitors in the field. 

There was every reason to believe they would be able to deliver the first new treatments for a rare disease. If they could, they would eliminate entirely the potential complications of current treatments.

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Plan for the Future of Work

Equipment leasing and finance, like much of the financial services industry, is traditionally a white, male workplace with limited use for new technologies.  Yet, as industry executives know, the future of work is unlikely to look like the present.  

Current popular wisdom does not necessarily help.  Terms like ‘gig economy’ and ‘digital natives,’ and the charge to “hire more millennials!” are offered everywhere as examples of trends and as advice …

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Growth Strategy

The Institute for Building Technology and Safety occupies a unique niche in the building services industry by partnering with governments to provide not only building services, but also disaster management and municipal services that strengthen communities and help them meet citizen needs.

After several decades in operation and several growth spurts, IBTS determined the need to refine its growth strategy in order to sustain the same pace of success in the future. The firm sought to better understand future trends to identify new market opportunities and sharpen near and long term priorities.

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Matt Horn, Director Local Government Solutions Institute for Building Technology and Safety
Matt Horn, Director, Local Government Solutions, Institute for Building Technology & Safety