About us

Prescient is a foresight consultancy founded in 2017 to help leaders and organizations anticipate future trends and plan, innovate, and compete more effectively.

Prescient’s clients include Fortune 500 firms, government agencies, military organizations, and industry associations.

Our executive education program, the Foresight Sandbox, provides strategic foresight training to leaders and senior managers seeking to plan for the long-term future in complex and fast-changing operating environments.

Prescient is a 100% small woman-owned business based in New York City and serving a global clientele.

Working with a network of supporting futurists & leading subject matter experts, we offer the following services in digital and in-person formats:

  • Strategic foresight project development, management, and facilitation
  • Scenario planning and writing/production
  • Emerging issues research and weak signals detection
  • Strategic narratives: Internal and external communications plans to engage and inspire stakeholders & audiences in the process of transformative change
  • Executive foresight training & capacity building
  • Anticipatory strategy & roadmaps
  • Keynote presentations and expert panel discussions
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Our Team

Dr. Amy Zalman
Founder & CEO

Prescient was founded by Dr. Amy Zalman in 2017 after 15 years of working to accelerate transformation in public, private and non-profit organizations. She was called one of the top 7 futurists in the world by Huffington Post.


Amy is a Professor of Foresight at Georgetown University. She is the former CEO and President of the World Future Society and was the first Chair of Information Integration at the United States National War College. Her Ph.D. is from New York University’s Department of Middle Eastern Studies. You can learn more about her work at amyzalman.com.

Teresa Tran
Executive Assistant

Teresa is a virtual assistant with over 18 years of administrative experience, supporting various levels of management, including C-Suite executives. She likes to stay current with new processes and productivity applications that strive for efficiency. Teresa not only enjoys supportive administrative functions but likes to exercise her creative side doing light graphic design and crafting, and she occasionally does freelance photography. In her spare time, she goes on nature walks with her husband and 2 Yorkies.

Kate Colwell
Associate Futurist

Kate Colwell is a strategic storyteller who is energized by the world’s biggest problems. Her experiences working with mission-driven organizations spanning arts, activism, STEM, and higher education enrich her interdisciplinary thinking. She holds a bachelor’s degree in English and Global Sustainability from the University of Virginia, and a master’s degree in Communication, Culture & Technology from Georgetown University. Kate is an active volunteer for the Association of Professional Futurists. Kate is passionate about scenario planning, and loves helping organizations design resilient strategies for alternative futures amid systemic change.

Robert Gehorsam

Robert Gehorsam is a recognized leader in the development and applications of new technologies in complex environments.  He is the co-founder and President of Pop Up Health, a start-up spun out from Stanford Medical School using AI and conversational agents to deliver novel interventions for well-being and stress management.  His earlier career included senior executive positions at the Viacom/CBS Internet Group and at Sony Online Entertainment, where he oversaw the acquisition and launch of the world’s largest online games. Since then, he has served in leadership and advisory roles in fields including digital media, educational technology, artificial intelligence, the arts and bio-fabrication. Robert received his B.A. in Religious Studies and English Literature from Grinnell College.

Network of Experts

Prescient maintains a superb network of fellow professionals in areas that include:

  • Biopharmaceutical expertise
  • Government and national security expertise
  • Emerging technologies
  • Additional areas of research
  • Organizational change and strategic planning

We are pleased to have them join us on a project-by-project basis, as it serves our clients.