Strategic Narrative – The Book


Does your organization tell a compelling, meaningful story that invites new ideas and innovative behavior? All organizations tell stories about themselves, through public communications, company lore, policies and daily interactions, modeling expected behavior for both insiders and outsiders.But not all organizations shape their stories with strategic intention, so that when external conditions change, the story changes too, modeling new behaviors that lead the organization forward.

Strategic Narrative: A Framework for Accelerating Innovation, provides practical guidance and a concrete process for leaders and organizations to generate new narratives in transforming conditions. Visually engaging, the book communicates with original illustrations, worksheets and explanatory graphics throughout.


Why Readers Love the Book

In an age of disruptive change, Amy Zalman provides a fresh approach to the all-important work of designing effective strategies. Narratives are an inherent part of how we think about strategy. Using the Strategic Narrative process, one can bring in diverse perspectives, introduce new insights, and help create more innovative strategies. Her most important contribution is in helping us to connect  our organization’s past, our strengths and achievements to a new and prosperous future. -Saar ben Attar, Managing Partner, Ascentios Growth Partners

Organizational vision is important, but a strongly held story of who we are, and why, takes team performance and engagement to a whole new level. Strategic narrative is powerful. Amy Zalman’s book is rich with important ideas and practical advice for how to take on something critically important to every organization. Well done and highly recommended. -Steven Kenney, Executive-in-Residence, N2Growth

There is something in Strategic Narrative for every business leader, program manager, or technologist looking to effect change in his or her organization. It is full of useful exercises for thinking organizations (and the people that comprise them) in atypical ways. Quotes from the book will live on my whiteboard for the duration of my professional career– Melonie Richey, Technical Program Manager