Transform your Organization

We work with leaders and teams who recognize the urgent need to anticipate and act on the transformative shifts unfolding in companies, governments, societies and the natural environment. 
When external conditions change radically, avoiding obsolescence requires an equally dramatic internal change.
We can help you make this transition. 

Wherever you are on the journey of becoming future-fit, we want to support you. We can help you sharpen your ability to anticipate how emerging trends could affect your organization and co-create with you a blueprint for successfully transitioning in a changing global environment.

Our method

What does a foresight engagement with Prescient look like?

All foresight engagements begin with a client question about the future. What do you need urgently to learn or do that will enhance your ability to make better decisions now about an uncertain future? When you work with Prescient, we will first want to understand which questions are most urgent to you and the scope of the project you seek.

Then, we will create a customized project in which that may combine research, facilitated workshops, communications products & advisory services. There will always be options to configure the scope to your needs.

At every stage, we seek to support your ongoing ability to lead an organization that anticipates future change, can identify multiple paths to a successful future, and that accelerates transformational change within and beyond your organization. All of our projects include modeling the futurist mindset, and sharing frameworks and materials for your continued use and modification.

Engagements can be conducted virtually or in person.

sustainable futures require continuous foresight

Why do organizations work with us?

The institutions we work with have distinct reasons for exploring the future:

  • Introduce new business models and ways of working into your organization
  • Regenerate your mission to fit future conditions, while safeguarding your enduring values
  • Avoid potential disruption because of new technologies, social values and business models
  • Use new conditions to create new opportunities

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your organization prepare for a different future

Your facilitation of our journey through the future in regard to the shifting workforce and our evolving customer base was unique and extremely important as we navigate through technology-driven changes in societal behavior. The industry executives who participated in the workshop were engaged in the process and came away from the experience with a great deal to consider about preparing for the future. We look forward to producing and promoting our IFC report in order to inspire further discussion within our industry.

Jeffry D. Elliot, Chairman

Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation


This project looked at a very complicated marketplace in the next 8-10 years. Knowing my prior techniques would be suboptimal, I looked to find someone who not only had done work in very uncertain circumstances, but who brought a discipline to the approach. With that said, I could not have been more happy with the level of thought partnership brought into the project. Although the client was hesitant to leave the tried and true (and generally wrong) methodology, we were able to bring the internal clients along and create something really extraordinary. The project itself was seen as an extreme success.

Senior Partner

BluePrint Research Group 

Dr. Zalman and her team at Prescient worked closely with our organization to develop and tailor the content of the webinar to our members and their needs. She asked poignant questions to best understand our members’ businesses. This personalization of topics added value to the presentation. During the webinar workshop, Dr. Zalman engaged the participants in meaningful dialogue through polls and hands-on activities. We received numerous emails from our members after the event. We are grateful for the opportunity we had with our members to strategize, assess, and prioritize. Dr. Zalman guided and propelled our organization into action.

Amanda Johnston, Executive Director

Fort Detrick Alliance