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Aug 03 - 05 2020


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Strategic Foresight Training for an Era of Accelerating Change

What is the Prescient Foresight Sandbox?

The Foresight Sandbox is a unique training and learning experience for professionals who want to incorporate strategic foresight into their strategy toolkit. Participants learn the mindsets and tools of strategic foresight and then have a hands-on opportunity to build scenarios of their future business environments. They use the same methods and frameworks of futurists to uncover unexpected roadblocks and provocative opportunities that may have otherwise gone unnoticed

We borrow our  approach from the the tech world, in which companies need a safe place to ‘play around’ with developing software. This safe place is called a sandbox. By testing new software in the sandbox, there is no risk to the existing systems. Once the software is bug-free, it is taken out of the sandbox and integrated into the real-time environment.

Organizations also need safe places to ‘play around’ with different approaches to the future. The Foresight Sandbox offers companies the chance to explore different strategies for managing disruption and thriving in changing conditions. Given the disruptions introduced by the coronavirus pandemic, this may be a critical time to understand and explore new options.

Participants gain an opportunity to test out potential innovations and adaptations and get out the ‘bugs’ before they introduce changes into their own real-time environment.

Attendees get an unmatched opportunity to build, test out, knock down, and rebuild potential ways that our annual theme could play out in different future business environments. This kind of exploration pays off by building knowledge, confidence and strategic agility.

How Can We Anticipate and Plan Better? Using Foresight for Post-Pandemic Planning

This year’s deep dive topic originates with the radical uncertainty COVID-19 has introduced into the operating environment and generates the humble, but critical, question, “How can organizations do better?”

Foresight Sandbox 2019

To this end, we will focus deeply on the basics of Strategic Foresight was created for the purpose of dealing with uncertainty, so our first objective this year is to ensure that participants leave with a strong skills, as well as strategies to adapt or transform to meet emerging conditions as they unfold. Participants will leave the course better able to:

  • Think clearly about the future, and share this ability with others in their organization
  • Anticipate potential surprise
  • Identify potential future events
  • Set strategy in the context of uncertainty
  • Develop a resilient culture and organizational structure

2020 Prescient Foresight Sandbox Theme: A Deep Dive on Coordinated Teams, Organizations and Systems

Each year we select a different  theme: a topic of emerging importance whose trajectory could radically alter the path of the future — but no one knows how yet. For this year, we will focus on coordination, a critical, but potentially overlooked mode for organizations to anticipate and prepare for the future.

The dictionary definition of “coordination” is the ability to “bring the different elements of a complex activity or organization into a relationship that will ensure efficiency or harmony.”

When we sought to understand why some systems fared better than others in managing the new coronavirus outbreak, the quality of “coordination” came up consistently.  Governments, health care systems, organizations and communities that had existing processes, strong communication flows and pre-existing roles that permitted the different parts of the system to work effectively under stress performed better than those that lacked those elements.

Coordination, in management literature, is traditionally presented as a route to greater operational efficiency. But strong coordination can also help leaders and organizations better sense when potential disruption is on the horizon, and are more capable of generating pro-active responses to emerging change.

This year’s Foresight Sandbox will therefore share best practices of coordination and opportunities for you to explore how to bring greater coordination to your organization. We will explore this issue at three levels:

  • How well-coordinated teams work , such as surgical groups, special operations teams or sports teams
  • Issues in organizational coordination, such as the role of personality or command-and-control structures, and how to “coordinate up” if you are not the leader of your organization
  • Generating self-organizing coordination in large systems, using lessons learned from the self-organizing coordination often found in the natural world

This year’s Prescient Foresight Sandbox is your opportunity to proactively optimize your organization’s future now.

Hear what last year’s participants say about the course

Who should participate in the Prescient strategic foresight program?

The Sandbox is ideal for anyone who is:

  • A mid or senior level professional responsible for leading, planning, making decisions or communicating long-term strategy in your organization
  • Leading or developing human capital strategy and seeking to develop high powered, collaborative teams using cutting edge insights
  • Managing teams on a landscape currently facing strategic human challenges:  new stressors, automation, rapid change
  • Mission-based in any organization or sphere of influence
  • In charge of learning and leadership and would like to provide their teams with strategic foresight skills for better managing uncertainty
  • A change agent in your organization who wants to drive innovation, readiness, and strategic agility

Sponsors and Instructors

The Foresight Sandbox is co-sponsored by Arizona State University’s School for the Future of Innovation in Society (SFIS)(in Washington DC), the Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes (CSPO) and Prescient LLC.  Prescient LLC is a strategic foresight consultancy serving Fortune 500 companies, growing firms, government and military clients and non-profits. SFIS is a transdisciplinary unit of ASU committed to translating imagination to responsible innovation to build a future for everyone.

The Strategic Foresight Sandbox is led by professionals with deep experience in facilitation, as well as corporate and government applications of strategic foresight, human performance research, and additional relevant fields including behavioral economics, technology ethics and leadership.

The Foresight Sandbox is developed by the Prescient CEO and Georgetown University professor  Dr. Amy Zalman, and members of the Foresight Advisory team, including Robert Gehorsam, a former senior executive at Sony Online Entertainment and a  widely recognized leader in developing new technologies for complex human environments, and Jesse Lambert, senior manager of innovation solutions with Evans Consulting.

Learn more about the organizers: ASU Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes |  ASU School for the Future of Innovation in Society | Prescient LLC

Additional Information

Want to make sure the Foresight Sandbox is a good fit? We at Prescient are ready with answers and details.

  • Contact the organizers with questions: +1.202.573.8313
  • Email: Info@Prescient2050.com
  • Dates: August 3-5. This 3-day course will be live-online over three days. Participants will have access to pre-recorded materials and to event recordings after the event takes place
  • Inclusive of all materials during and after the course
  • Also includes: pre- and post-course strategy consultation with the course leader, all materials and frameworks in hard and soft copy, and certificate of completion
  • Pricing:
    • $1,350 for all registrants
    • 10% discount for groups of 3 or more

Learn more about the organizers:  ASU Consortium for Science, Policy & Outcomes ASU School for the Future of Innovation in SocietyPrescient LLC

Here’s the recap from last year’s Foresight Sandbox

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Prescient LLC

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Arizona State University School for the Future of Innovation in Society
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