How prepared is your organization to survive the next decade?

It is no secret that sustaining meaningful change
is a huge challenge for businesses.

Yet, it is this ability sustain transformation that gives companies the resilience to succeed in uncertain, complex, and even volatile business environments.

What if your organization
could be almost prescient;
that is, have the visionary foresight
to evolve now
for what lies ahead?

The Prescient Transformation Accelerator Program gives you this opportunity.

This program is for:

Company or unit leaders who want to introduce the project of change to their teams, enlisting them in becoming more future-fit.

Strategists and planners who are gearing up for their next strategic planning cycle and want to inject greater awareness of uncertainty into planning.

Boards seeking to support and prepare their organization’s leadership for transformative change.

Companies preparing or going through M&A activity.

Post-transformation firms that recognize a need for better engagement and communication in order to bring their employees on board.

Whether you are seeking to fast-track a newly-introduced transformation initiative or explore the potential effects of a large scale transformation, this hands-on, participatory, one-month Transformation Accelerator Program can move your team from fuzzy thinking about the possibility of change to a crisp, clear outline of the steps needed to optimize your organization for future conditions.

The activities and facilitation provided prompt participants to understand why transformation is needed.

Program participants develop new ways of thinking about how to initiate change and and learn how to plan and organize large scale change at the human level—not on a spreadsheet, but among the people who work and engage with your firm on a daily basis.Participants leave the Transformation Accelerator prepared to grapple with adaptation and energized to introduce innovation required to thrive in a new environment.

Take-aways from the

Transformation Accelerator Program include:

New mindsets and ways of thinking about change as an opportunity.

An awareness of external conditions driving the need for transformation.

Transportable skills to replicate and engage additional teams.

Customized guides and materials to share with other employees and teams as needed.

Custom-built, co-generated future scenarios of relevant industry and macro-environments to use as conversation prompts and strategic stress-testing.

A Transformation Blueprint to guide strategy, next actions, and communication around the transformation agenda.

As an intuitive, far-sighted leader, this sounds like just what my organization needs. I want to hear more.

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