Strategic Narrative

How do your stakeholders and employees tell the story of disruptive change?

The way we tell the story of reality relates directly to the way we behave. If you want to change the way that people approach change, you need to change their story. Prescient’s Strategic Narrative practice does just that.

A strategic narrative is an intentional, compelling story that connects the enduring values of your organization to a story of change to demonstrate how you will not only endure, but adapt and innovate to thrive in new conditions.

When we shift our stories–the interpretive lenses through which we understand our past, present, and the still unfolding future–we generation a new way of understanding our relationships, our motivations, and our purpose. This opens up the space for innovation, even in entrenched systems. The opportunity to stop doing what is no longer useful and to generate new behaviors, policies, processes an actions becomes possible.

Begin to prepare your organization for change

  • Strategic Narrative 1/2 day sessions introduce your team to the basic concepts of using narrative as a vehicle for introducing transformative change, and initiate the process
  • Strategic Narrative consulting engagements join Strategic Foresight and Strategic Narrative. These are designed for mature, successful organizations embarking on transformative change.
  • The engagement offers an opportunity for leaders and teams to imagine new roles, new forms of behavior and new linkages between the past and the future. This process involves delving into the unknown future, and identifying critical trends and impacts.

What participants say

“We learned … that an organization is defined by its narrative, and the ability to strategically take ownership of that narrative is invaluable.  The insights …elicited crystalized two major things for us: an understanding of each individual’s separate piece and perspective of our shared past narrative, and practical methods for discussing, defining, and shaping our future story.  -Jayson Blair, Managing Partner,  Goose Creek Consulting

Read the strategic narrative guide

Strategic Narrative: A Framework for Accelerating Innovation-A Practical Guide for Leaders and Organizations explains why narrative is such a powerful element of change, and provides practical guidance and concrete steps for leaders seeking to engage stakeholders in the process of change.



You brought an energy to our discussions that was well received by our participants. Your knowledge of strategic foresight and your ability to facilitate discussion among a group of business leaders is a unique mix. You made our attendees feel comfortable talking about topics that were sometimes uncomfortable.

Kelli Nieneber, Executive Director, Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation

Our company was in crucial need of creating a development plan and global marketing strategy based on current and future trends in ICT and Artificial Intelligence. Prescient's insights into future trends in advanced technology, including Artificial Intelligence, played a key role in our company’s multidimensional approach to our security solution upgrade and global market penetration strategy.

Jin Yong Chung / UMV Technology

By breaking down your strategies for future forecasting into  achievable steps, you encouraged the audience to see the future as something they have the capacity to shape, influence and benefit from, instead of something they must reactively respond to.

- Dr. Jennifer Jefferis / Near East & South Asia Center