Strategic Foresight

The best way to activate the future is to see signals of change in your environment before your competitors.Prescient strategy retreats, whether they are three hours or three days, empower teams facing greater uncertainty than in the past to develop forward-looking strategies to capitalize on a changing environment.

  • Strengthen your strategic thinking and creativity skills
  • Identify critical macro-trends that you should be tracking
  • Brainstorm and develop new business opportunities
  • Turn visions into action steps
  • Revitalize your sense of purpose and envision new futures
  • Build scenarios to help you plan for uncertainty
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How Does Strategic Foresight Work?

Learn more about strategic foresight and how a formal foresight engagement can help you identify and leverage the trends that matter most to your future success, in this introduction.

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Strategic Foresight to Accelerate Growth

Companies experiencing significant growth spurts face the need to plan more deliberately and less opportunistically. Strategic Foresight can help you mature your planning process and become future-minded on a larger scale.

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You brought an energy to our discussions that was well received by our participants. Your knowledge of strategic foresight and your ability to facilitate discussion among a group of business leaders is a unique mix. You made our attendees feel comfortable talking about topics that were sometimes uncomfortable.

Kelli Nieneber, Executive Director, Equipment Leasing & Finance Foundation

Our company was in crucial need of creating a development plan and global marketing strategy based on current and future trends in ICT and Artificial Intelligence. Prescient's insights into future trends in advanced technology, including Artificial Intelligence, played a key role in our company’s multidimensional approach to our security solution upgrade and global market penetration strategy.

Jin Yong Chung / UMV Technology

By breaking down your strategies for future forecasting into  achievable steps, you encouraged the audience to see the future as something they have the capacity to shape, influence and benefit from, instead of something they must reactively respond to.

- Dr. Jennifer Jefferis / Near East & South Asia Center