Foresight tools

These tools will help you achieve a future-focused mindset which will aid you, your organization, and your employees on the road to organizational transformation. 

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  • organizational transformation strategy
    Nudging Towards Change
    Using Choice Architecture to Strengthen your Organizational Transformation Strategy The...
    by Prescient
  • Infographic - 7 Critical Assumptions for 21st...
    When Strategic Planning arose as a management tool in...
    by Prescient
  • Introduction to Strategic Foresight
    Strategic Foresight -- a planning discipline that helps organizations...
    by Prescient
  • Stress Test Your Strategic Planning Process
    Are Your Strategic Planning Assumptions Up to Date with...
    by Prescient
  • How Well Does Your Team Recognize Weak...
    Signals of change are indicators that a large scale...
    by Prescient
  • 5 Ways to Develop a Futurist Mindset
    5 Keys to Developing a Futurist Mindset
    Futurists aren't born, but made. They learn how to...
    by Prescient

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