Best books about the future

We have read many books abut the future and compiled a list of all the best reads. Whether you are reading for pleasure or to discover new business practices, these books will surely deliver. 

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  • jan-zikan-424230-unsplash
    The End of the West: The Once...
    We reviewed English political theorist and former Labor Party...
    by Prescient
  • Prescient review of Overcomplicated
    Complexity, Explained Simply
    Review of Overcomplicated: Technology at the Limits of Comprehension by...
    by Prescient
  • The Future Belongs to Communities
    Rick Smyre and Neil Richardson explain how communities can...
    by Prescient
  • Prescient Review of Platform Capitalism
    If Platforms are Monopolies, Data is the...
    A Review of Platform Capitalism by Nick Srnicek A decade...
    by Prescient
  • Best Books about the Future 2017
    Best Books about the Future in 2017:...
    How to anticipate change, understand it when we are...
    by Prescient

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