Introduction to Strategic Foresight

Strategic Foresight — a planning discipline that helps organizations assess and prepare for the future — is growing in popularity. A Google search for the term returns hundreds of thousands of entries. But what, exactly, is it?

At Prescient, we view strategic foresight as having five building blocks:

  • A futurist mindset
  • Foresight methods
  • Data and evidence
  • Anticipatory leadership
  • Strategic narrative – story that links the past to the unfolding future

An organization that uses all five of these blocks is building a strong structure, able to withstand the uncertain weather of the future. Download the guide to learn more, and find out how strategic foresight can help your firm stand strong even in unexpected storms.

Download “Prescient Introduction to Strategic Foresight” Prescient-Guide-Introduction-to-Strategic-Foresight.pdf – Downloaded 100 times – 6 MB