Develop a long-term outlook …
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The right futurist keynote speaker can prime executives to look past the short term and strategize for long term success.
Renaissance Executive Forums are confidential peer groups for business owners, CEOs and Presidents who lead small to midsize companies in the Washington, DC area.  
Each year, these peer groups as well as other C-suite executives and vice presidents meet for a day of enrichment. To celebrate their 15th successful year in business, CEO Lee Self sought to bring in a futurist keynote speaker who could help executives envision a growth path for themselves over the next fifteen and talk about global trends.
The importance of relevance for a keynote futurist speaker
Lee was concerned that a speaker asked to address global trends might not make them relevant to the specific needs of the Renaissance executives or that they would bring in insights that simply weren’t that interesting to them.
In order to address these needs, Prescient worked with Lee to understand her audience. They met and corresponded over several months before the address, to identify the concrete issues 
Renaissance executives face, such as talent shortages to challenges and trends that might affect the government contracting market.
We also shared research about future changes in the business environment that they might not be aware of now, but which they should be.
As a result, the keynote:
  • Raised awareness of the overlap of significant shifts in society
  • Introduced new processes to integrate trend information into business planning
  • Provided a resource to guide planning efforts in a new way
The Renaissance Forums Keynote was highly customized and connected the dots between major macro-trends and the planning needs of the leaders in the audience.
Renaissance Executive Forums CEO, Lee Self

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