Organizational transformation

The resources here will help you envision, plan and implement changes within your own organization to succeed in new and emerging conditions. 

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  • Is Your Firm Ready for Organizational Transformation?
    Many companies that exist today will not survive the...
    by Prescient
  • Nudging Towards Change
    Using Choice Architecture to Strengthen your Organizational Transformation StrategyThe...
    by Prescient
  • Infographic - 7 Critical Assumptions for 21st...
    When Strategic Planning arose as a management tool in...
    by Prescient
  • 4 Steps to Transformation-A Tactical Guide to...
    How can you move your organization from talking about...
    by Prescient
  • Build a New Strategic Narrative
    Build a New Strategic NarrativeSuccessful companies build stories--company lore--on...
    by Prescient
  • Worksheet: Build Your Future Workforce
    If you are an employer intent on remaining competitive,...
    by Prescient