Prescient Introduces the Strategic Foresight Training Course Faculty

The inaugural Prescient strategic foresight training course is  is quickly approaching!

From June 17-19, Prescient will be partnering with Arizona State University to offer a professional strategic foresight training experience that combines futures thinking with hands-on planning for the era of artificial intelligence.

If you’d like to learn the tools of strategic foresight, gain insight and develop strategies for the organization of the future, then the Foresight Sandbox is for you. Prototype potential futures: Build, test out, knock down, and rebuild potential ways that advances in artificial intelligence could unfold in diverse future business environments. Just like playing in a sandbox, but much more exciting.

As the strategic foresight training course approaches, we are proud to announce the addition of four new faculty members who will lead the inaugural course from June 17-19:

Strategic Foresight Training

Tom Wheeler

Currently a visiting Fellow at Brookings and a Senior Research Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, Tom Wheeler was formerly the Federal Communications Commission Chairman under President Obama from 2013-2017. More recently, Wheeler published his third book, From Gutenberg to Google: The History of Our Future. Wheeler’s previous books include Take Command: Leadership Lessons from the Civil War and Mr. Lincoln’s T-Mails: The Untold Story of How Abraham Lincoln Used the Telegraph to Win the Civil War.

We are also pleased to share that everyone who attends the strategic foresight training course will receive a gift copy of From Gutenberg to Google.

Strategic Foresight Training

Dr. Amy Zalman

Dr. Amy Zalman is the founder and CEO of Prescient. Amy has over 20 years of working with leaders and organizations to help them  accelerate their preparation for future change, and is internationally recognized as a leading futurist. Her previous roles included Chief Executive Officer and President of the World Future Society, and the Chair of Information Integration at the US National Defense University. Amy is a frequent keynote speaker and regularly publishes on issues related to the intersections of emerging technologies and their impacts on societies, governance and power.

Strategic Foresight Training

Dr. James Kadtke

Dr. James Kadtke, an expert in converging technologies, received his Ph.D. in theoretical physics from Brown University. He continued his studies as a graduate fellow at Los Alamos National Lab, and served for over ten years as a research faculty at the University of California at San Diego. Dr. Kadtke has served as the Chief Scientist at Nonlinear Solutions, Inc. and a consultant to the Department of Defense and private industry on defense science. His other notable positions include serving on the Science Committee in the U.S. House of Representatives, serving on the staff of Senator John Warner of Virginia, serving as the Executive Director of the Accelerating Innovation Foundation, and acting as the Special Advisor on Converging Technologies at the Center for Technology and National Security Policy at the National Defense University.

Strategic Foresight Training

Swathi Young

Swathi Young is the founder of TechNotch Solutions, a boutique enterprise AI consulting company. In her 20+ years of technology experience, Ms. Young has led over 100+ projects globally, including in Belgium, India and the United States and across e-commerce, supply chain, Hi-tech and financial sectors. Swathi is passionate about using cutting edge, artificial intelligence technologies to increase the performance of organizations. She believes that the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and humanities is important to focus on as we lay the foundation of AI applications for future generations. She is a leading speaker about applied uses of Artificial Intelligence applications in B2B organizations. Her forte lies in connecting the dots between business strategy and technology solutions.

We have extended the Early-Bird pricing option until May 8th. Click below to register or learn more about this unique strategic foresight training opportunity.

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