Foresight Resources for Post-Pandemic Planning

post-covid pandemic planning

Foresight can help you plan next steps

We believe that the power to alter the course of your future is always in your hands. 

This can be difficult to see in a crisis. Strategic foresight can help organizations reclaim equilibrium: 

  • Learn new ways to see the situation and develop options for action
  • Anticipate the consequences of change
  • Use disruption to advance new changes
  • Develop resilience

Near-term Planning Resources


Prepare your Mindset

Evolutionary psychologists explain that in a crisis, people’s focus narrows, making it difficult to see the big picture. Futurists use specific thinking techniques to help remedy that tendency.  Get started by downloading Think Like a Futurist, a guide to ‘loosening up’ that focus, so you can approach next-steps planning in a more limber and agile state.

Think Like a Futurist


Generate near-term options in a DIY workshop

Strategic Foresight Skills for Your Organization in a COVID-19 World gives you tools and a process for quickly generating potential near-term scenarios, to begin identifying needs, resources, new risks, and opportunities.

Download the accompanying worksheets to conduct the workshop with your own team. We suggest setting aside an hour for your workshop session: watch the 25 minute recording, pause to fill out the worksheets, and hold a discussion afterward to identify next steps

Watch the workshop
Download the worksheets

Make Better Decisions in an Uncertain Time


Make Better Decisions in Uncertainty

Fast-track strategic decision making, even when all the necessary information does not exist. This workshop can be delivered online.


  • De-risk: Process for reducing risks: Save time, money and resources by testing an existing strategy before putting it into action
  • Skills & Process: Develop skills for working in uncertain conditions
  • Resilience-building: Generate awareness of options
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Clear Uncertainty Overload, Focus On What Matters

The list of uncertain events is growing by the day. Yet not all unpredictable issues are important in the same way. As you begin to plan for the transitional period between “lock-down” and a new equilibrium, join us for a fast session to develop focus.


  • Clarity: A clear process for working through a mass of complex, messy items helps generate clarity and focus
  • Skills: Develop skills for working in uncertain conditions


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