Introducing Prescient: a Strategic Foresight Consulting Firm

It is our pleasure to share the news that the Strategic Narrative Institute has rebranded as Prescient LLC, a Strategic Foresight consulting firm.

Why the Name Prescient?

In this age of speed and acceleration, we wanted a company name that could communicate instantly what we do and why.

The name Prescient cuts to the heart of our mission: To enhance your capacity for prescience–foreknowledge of what could happen–so that you can prepare your organization for the future and stay ahead of the competition.

But is true foresight even possible?

While perfect prediction of specific events is only possible in a laboratory with controlled conditions, it is possible to gain a useful understanding of possible future events. The key is to look deeply into the present for signals of potential developments.

Such foresight has the power to make or break your organization. The ability to know what lies ahead can aid your organization’s profitability or divert you from a less-than-desirable path.

That’s where we come in. We can offer you the knowledge, tools and mindsets to help you discover how a changing environment can affect your corporate strategy.

In 2019, we will  offer these key services:

  • Keynotes that ignite interest and insight in critical future trends
  • Foresight workshops and consulting engagements that offer strategies and set priorities for the future
  • Strategic Narrative engagements to begin implementing organizational transformation
  • Executive Education  We have partnered with Arizona State University’s Center for Science, Policy and Outcomes to begin offering strategic foresight executive training in May, 2019. If you are interested in learning how to think and plan like a futurist, let us know you’d like to learn more and we will let you know as soon as more information is available.

If you’re still unsure if hiring a strategic foresight consulting firm is really worth your time, consider this: A recent study of 83 multinational firms across various sectors found that the firms who systematically incorporated foresight into their planning were 33% more profitable and had a 200% higher market capitalization growth than the sample average. These are not small percentages.

If you’d like to see how our services have benefited other organizations, take a look at our Success Stories.  

The quality of prescience combines a future-focused mindset and a set of skills that could benefit your organization’s profitability. We are wholly committed to helping you develop that quality and sharing this process. To that end, we have created a library of beautifully designed, downloadable resources on the Prescient website to help you strengthen those skills, individually and with your team. We hope you will enjoy and learn from our foresight tools, organizational transformation resources, and from our global trends research.

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