Create the Firm of the Future

Transform your Organization

Your organization has a legacy
of success. How could it possibly
be especially vulnerable?

Since your old business models have been working, it is difficult to see the need to adapt to new conditions. And yet, we are in a time of profound change. So, even though it can be challenging, people in your organization need to let go of entrenched ways of working.

The Prescient Vision

We work with leaders and teams who recognize that changes ‘out there’ are directly relevant to what people do ‘in here’, in your organization. These people understand the need for internal change and are seeking to widen engagement across their organization.
Depending on where your organization is in the journey to becoming future-fit, we can help widen your understanding of changing conditions or work with you to develop a blueprint for change.

Our Prescient Transformation Services benefit the following organizations:

  • Government agencies or non-profit organizations seeking to introduce new business models
  • Companies with a workforce experiencing M&A activity
  • Industries recognizing the potential for disruption
  • Leadership that has committed to substantial change in their efforts to increase engagement and accelerate internal innovation
  • Growing companies who could benefit from foresight guidance in the ‘initial establishment’ or ‘expansive growth’ periods

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Transformation Accelerator

Whether you are seeking to fast-track a newly-introduced transformation initiative or explore the potential effects of a large scale transformation, this hands-on, participatory, one-month.
Transformation Accelerator Program can quickly move your team from fuzzy thinking about the possibility of change to a crisp, clear outline of the steps needed to optimize your organization for future conditions.
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Strategic Communication for Future Transformation

Any corporate transformation requires special methods of communication.

How well is your organization communicating your intentions and engaging a range of stakeholders, from your own employees, to your customers, to the general public?

And is that communication and engagement done
in a manner that doesn’t raise fear or uncertainty
about the continuity of your operations or the
future longevity of your organization?

Read the definitive guide:

Strategic Narrative,
A Framework for Accelerating Innovation

There is something in Strategic Narrative for every business leader, program manager, or technologist looking to effect change in his or her organization. It is full of useful exercises for thinking organizations (and the people that comprise them) in atypical ways. 

Quotes from the book will live on my whiteboard for the duration of my professional career

– Melonie Richey, Technical Program Manager

Prescient has developed a proprietary approach to communicating around future transformation:
A Transformation Narrative.

A Transformation Narrative combines the emotional power of storytelling with an evidence-based analysis of the need for change. It’s purpose is to create a communication plan that includes your employees, stakeholders, and shareholders in the delicate and valuable process of change.

Prescient can help you...

Executive Presentations & Keynotes

Jump start transformative thinking across your organization with keynotes by Prescient founder, Amy Zalman. These keynotes guide you in creating a compelling transformation using targeted storytelling.

Alternatively, opt for a tailored presentation about the specific conditions that are driving the need for change in your specific industry.

Prescient, CEO Amy Zalman provides tailored presentations that empower, open minds, and activate futures. Assuming that the future will be rewritten by emerging technology, she moves beyond hype to challenge audiences to explore the impacts on our basic assumptions about how the world works.

Amy’s talk was like rocket fuel to help me and my organization move forward.


Senior Federal Leader,
U.S. Government

Amy’s talk was like rocket fuel to help me and my organization move forward.


Senior Federal Leader,
U.S. Government

Amy’s talk was like rocket fuel to help me and my organization move forward.


Senior Federal Leader,
U.S. Government